As the demand for robust and secure fiber optic solutions continues to soar, FIBERCAN takes pride in presenting our cutting-edge offerings. Dive into the world of military-grade termination boxes and water-proof MPO trunk cables that redefine connectivity standards. At FIBERCAN, we understand the critical nature of secure communication networks, and our advanced solutions stand ready to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments.

Military-Grade Precision: Termination Box for Fiber Optic Cable


FIBERCAN’s military-grade termination box for fibre optic cable is a pinnacle of precision engineering, designed to meet the exacting standards of military applications. This specialized termination box ensures the utmost reliability in critical operations. From military fiber optic patch cords to water-proof cables, our termination boxes provide a secure and rugged environment for connections, allowing seamless communication even in the harshest conditions.


Water-Proof Resilience: Shielding Connections


In the world of fiber optic communication, water-proof resilience is non-negotiable. FIBERCAN’s water-proof MPO trunk cables are engineered with IP68-rated protection, ensuring impermeable connectivity. These cables withstand the challenges posed by moisture, humidity, and water exposure, making them the ideal choice for outdoor deployments and environments where water resistance is paramount.


IP68 Cables: Unrivaled Durability


FIBERCAN’s commitment to durability extends to our IP68-rated cables. Whether used in military applications or other demanding settings, these cables offer unrivaled durability. The IP68 rating signifies not only water resistance but also protection against dust and other solid particles, making them a versatile solution for diverse environments.




At FIBERCAN, we recognize that military-grade precision and water-proof resilience are crucial elements in ensuring the longevity and reliability of fiber optic connections. Our termination boxes, designed with military-grade precision, underscore our dedication to delivering solutions that exceed expectations. These boxes create a secure haven for connections, safeguarding critical operations with resilience and accuracy. Paired with our water-proof MPO trunk cables boasting IP68-rated protection, FIBERCAN provides an unrivalled synergy of durability and impermeable connectivity. We remain committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of quality, ensuring that every connection remains secure, reliable, and impervious to the challenges of the environment.