In this article, we unveil the advanced features of our termination box, focusing on its adaptability through various installation methods and the robust design that ensures longevity in challenging environments.


Adaptable Installation: Versatility Through Different Installation Ways


FIBERCAN’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box is not bound by limitations; it thrives on adaptability. The closure can be seamlessly connected through various installation methods, offering flexibility for diverse applications. Whether it’s mounted on a cross arm hoop, suspended aerially, buried underground, or securely wall-mounted, our termination box is designed to cater to the unique requirements of each installation scenario.


Built to Withstand: Preventing Material Aging and Ensuring Mechanical Strength


Nature’s elements pose a constant challenge to outdoor installations. FIBERCAN’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box is engineered to resist the effects of heat, cold, light, oxygen, and microorganisms, preventing material aging. This resilience is coupled with excellent mechanical strength, ensuring that the closure remains robust and reliable in the face of environmental challenges. Trust in FIBERCAN’s commitment to enduring quality.


ODM Manufacturing Excellence: Crafting Connectivity Solutions


As a pioneer in ODM manufacturing, FIBERCAN excels in crafting connectivity solutions that set industry standards. Our Outdoor Fiber Termination Box is a testament to our dedication to innovation and reliability. Each closure is meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver performance that surpasses expectations, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor fiber termination applications.




FIBERCAN’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of outdoor connectivity. With its adaptable installation methods, resilience against environmental factors, and the hallmark of ODM manufacturing excellence, our termination box redefines what it means to connect in outdoor environments. Choose FIBERCAN for a future-proof solution that combines versatility, durability, and cutting-edge technology for all your outdoor fiber termination needs.