FIBERCAN, your leading fiber optic products supplier, specialized in high-quality Fiber Optic Panel Trays. Our smartly designed cassettes are custom-made for use in 19″ (482mm) frames, providing greater fiber access and efficient fiber management. You can rely on FIBERCAN products to suit your high-density, low-maintenance fiber distribution requirements.


Craft-Friendly Fiber Management

At FIBERCAN, we understand the importance of easy and efficient fiber management. Our Fiber Optic Panel Trays come with craft-friendly radius-protected fiber management, allowing for seamless routing and deployment of fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables. With this intelligent design, you can efficiently manage the flow of fibers on both sides of the adapter plate, making it perfect for cross-connect environments.


Integration of Optical Components

FIBERCAN takes innovation seriously. That’s why our Fiber Optic Panel Trays integrate optical components into the identical cassette. This unique feature allows service providers to mix and match fiber modules with optical components within the same chassis. By combining these components within a single tray, you can optimize your fiber optic network’s performance and streamline your infrastructure.


Enhanced Protection for Optical Components

We prioritize the protection of your optical components. FIBERCAN’s Fiber Optic Panel Trays feature a front faceplate that is securely fastened, minimizing the chances of accidental damage to the valuable optical components. By ensuring the integrity and stability of your optical network, you can rely on our products to provide consistent and reliable performance.



When it comes to Fiber Optic Panel Trays, FIBERCAN is the supplier you can count on. With our commitment to craft-friendly fiber management, integration of optical components, and enhanced protection for your valuable assets, FIBERCAN offers unparalleled solutions for your fiber optic network needs. Whether you’re a telecommunications provider, data center operator, or network installer, choose FIBERCAN as your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss how our Fiber Optic Panel Trays can elevate your network infrastructure, ensuring efficient and reliable fiber distribution.