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The development of optical communications has ushered in a booming era. Undoubtedly, optics advance and copper retreat are bound to be the general trend.

The emergence of 5G is a testimony to the fast development of optical communications in our new era. It is the optical fiber that brought us into 5G, which will be a new starting point for the world of IoT(Internet of things), such as Fiber to the home (FTTH), Fiber to the building (FTTR), Fiber to the building (FTTB), and Fiber to everything (FTTX).

As a pioneer in this industry, FIBERCAN keeps pace with the era and adheres to the spirit of daring to be the first. Though 5G just came out, FIBERCAN has already taken the lead in setting up to make cutting-edge R&D for 5G use, along with field applications. After continuous efforts especially on tackling key problems, significant achievements have been made in this field, some of which have been obtained international and domestic invention patents.

FIBERCAN has been actively cooperating strategicly in 5G with global well-known companies, with our complete solutions and supporting hardwares, for popularizating high-speed upgraded global optical networks. 

FIBER to the world, WE CAN!

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U.S. Market - 5G

In the U.S. market, our company is highly recommended by local partners. For example, American Telecom Operators have been purchasing our 5G supporting products, including our newly developed outdoor junction box, the Toptap connectors, and so on.


U.S. Market - Data Center

With the recognition of our partners in the U.S. market, we have been providing the data centers of Facebook and Google with our solutions and products. Our stable and reliable product quality plus efficient and fast service have won the trust of customers as always.


European Market - FTTH

In the European market, our company has been providing Orange, the renowned Telecom company, with customized FTTH products(last mile overall solutions), including outdoor and indoor optic cables, outdoor and indoor wall boxes, and so on. FIBERCAN, FIBER TO THE HOME!

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At the present, the more valuable is to match 5G/6G/AI with the network in stability, reliability and flexibility.