FIBERCAN has always been attaching importance on long-termism, or we could call “sustainability”.


– Environmental Sustainability

First, we comply strictly to the certifications of RoHS, CE, and more, from raw materials to final final products.

Second, we will prioritize the eco-friendly solutions for serving better with clients. For example, we have been making achievements on recycling paper packages to replace the plastic packages. From the aspects of production, we choose hytrel as one of raw materials of plastic products.

Besides, we use eco-friendly office appliances such as the air conditioning.

Last but not least, we express the eco-friendly cultures to our employees with words, posters, signings, regular inspection from Human Resources Department. This has been embeded in every FIBERCANers.


– Social Sustainability

Loudi News Network News (Correspondent Zhou Zuyi) On September 12, Li Yaole, chairman of Huizhou Feibokang Industrial Co., Ltd., entrusted relatives and friends to donate a batch of drought-relief materials to Longtang Town, Lianyuan City. Our boss Cidic Lee donated a batch of Including submersible electric pumps, cables, energy-saving hoses, etc., brought a “timely rain” to the drought relief work of Longtang Town.


Please refer to: LongtangTown Donation


– Faculty Benefits

A staff entertainment room has been specially built, providing billiards, table tennis, sandbags, etc. Besides, all the factory faculties will take trips together sometimes. Every half year, we will hold cuisine with delicious and natural-feeding beef, pork, mutton, etc. When it comes to the spring festival, our boss will especially send red envelopes to many colleagues’ parents.