Data Center Solution

For any kind of current organization and institution, data center is undoubtedly an essential element. Data occurs nearly all the human activities, such as telecommunications, energy, transportation, Internet, agriculture, industry, security systems, medical services, public health, entertainment, etc. The significance of data center is incontrovertible, which identifies to the super brain or nerve center of human activities.

Hence, it’s quite valuable to match the data center with network in stable, reliability and flexibility, which are essential in this case, even for the fiber optic cabling projects. What’s more, humanity’s social development needs data center does better than ever. Cabling lays the vital foundation to make them more intelligent, eco-friendly and convenient to operate.

With FIBERCAN’s brand new cabling solutions, your data center will be largely ready for this. Our developed solutions are simple, practical and reliable operation, sustainable for even future growing demands. Since the demand of transfer rates and storage capacity surge, the key to your sustainable business performance relies on a simpler and more flexible data center. FIBERCAN can provide the solution that is indeed satisfactory, seamless turnkey, and best guarantee for your success of the data center project you desire.

Why Us


U.S. Market - Data Center

With the recognition of our partners in the U.S. market, we have been providing the data centers of Facebook and Google with our solutions and products. Our stable and reliable product quality plus efficient and fast service have won the trust of customers as always.


European Market - FTTH

In the European market, FIBERCAN has been providing Orange, the renowned Telecom company, with customized FTTH products(last mile overall solutions), including outdoor and indoor optic cables, outdoor and indoor wall boxes, and so on. FIBERCAN, FIBER TO THE HOME!


U.S. Market - 5G

In the U.S. market, our company is highly recommended by local partners. For example, American Telecom Operators have been purchasing our 5G supporting products, including our newly developed outdoor junction box, the Toptap connectors, and so on.

Recommended Product Category

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

FIBERCAN could customize fiber optic assemblies for your unique network requirements. As for industry standard cable construction types, we offer the cabling of the breakout, the fanout, etc. As for outer appearance,  you could customize glass types, cable types, cable jackets, and connector types, etc. As for parameters, we could satisfy your assembly / individual fiber length tolerances, loss ranges, etc.

Fiber Optic Patch Panels & Cassettes

FIBERCAN offers a high-density patch panel which is designed for efficient cable management, organization and protection. The rack consists of a panel enclosure and modular HD cassettes, which can connect a 40G/100G fiber network feed (using MTP cable) and segment it into standard LC connections in order to interface with 10G devices. The cassettes will be space-saving and the panel enclosure can be available for different types of cassettes.

Get Solutions from Us

At the same time, what’s more valuable at present is to match the data center with network in stable, reliability and flexibility. 

    Get Solutions from Us

    At the present, the more valuable is to match the data center with the network in stability, reliability and flexibility.