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U.S. Patented Fast Connector, UPC/APC

FAST connectors are factory-polished, field-installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand-polishing in the field. We incorporated innovation into the device. Our proven mechanical splice technology ensures precise fiber alignment. Besides, the combination of factory pre-cut fiber stubs and proprietary index-matching gels provides direct, low-loss termination of single-mode or multimode fiber.

FAST connectors are compatible with 250/900μm optical fibers, 0.9/2/3mm breakout cables, 0.25/0.9/3.0/2.0/2*1.6/2*3.0mm drop cables, and other major fiber types. Each connector is coloured to meet industry standard requirements to aid in identification during and after installation. 


U.S. Patent

SC UPC fiber optic quick connector FTTH Fast Connector SC UPC with invention patent


Mechanical Diagram (Unit: mm)


     ●    Tight lock design(with teeth inside) holding the cable tightly

     ●    Slide up and down to lock and unlock the fiber easily and conveniently

     ●    Precision mechanical alignment & pre-buried ceramic groove, for low loss and high-performance efficient connection

     ●    Reuse time for 3- 5 times, up to 10 times

     ●    Meets TIA/EIA 568C.3 performance requirements

     ●    Meets TIA/EIA 604(FOCIS) connector interface requirements


     ●    Premise environments

     ●    Connectors at the desk for LAN environments

     ●    Patch panels

     ●    Direct equipment terminations

     ●    Fiber to the Subscribers(applications)

     ●    Equipment test leads


Assembling Method





 Insertion loss (dB)


 Average: 0.25;

Max.: 0.5


Average: 0.20;

Max.: 0.5

 Return Loss@Room Temperature (Single-mode) (dB)

 ≥ 45

Operating Temperature (°C)

-40 ~ +75

Tensile Strength (N)

> 30 N


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