Are you tired of dealing with unreliable fiber cables that hinder your internet speeds and connectivity? Look no further than Fibercan! As one of the leading fiber cable manufacturers, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products to customers worldwide. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to our rigorous testing standards, Fibercan ensures that our fiber cables meet the demands of even the most complex networks. Read on to explore our fiber cables!

Products offered by Fibercan

Fibercan is a leading provider of quality fiber cables and products to the telecom industries. As a global supplier of high-quality, reliable optical fiber cables, we offer an extensive range of products and services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Typical products offered by Fibercan include:

– Fiber optic cables: Single-mode, multimode, outdoor, and other specialized cables for various applications.

– Cable assemblies: Pre-terminated fiber optic cables with connectors for easy installation.

– Connectors and adapters: SC, LC, ST, FC, and other types of connectors and adapters.

– Splitters and couplers: Devices used to split or combine optical signals in passive optical networks.

– Test and measurement equipment: Equipment used to test and measure the performance of fiber optic cables and networks.


Why are Our Cables Better than Others?

One of the reasons why Fibercan’s cables are so highly regarded is that we use only the best quality raw materials. The raw materials used in our cables are imported from suppliers who adhere to the highest standards for quality and consistency. This ensures that all of the fibers within each cable are of similar quality and composition, which leads to improved performance and reliability.

In addition to using only the best quality raw materials, we also have a stringent Quality Control Policy in place. Each cable undergoes multiple tests during manufacture to ensure that it meets the company’s high standards for quality and performance. We strictly adhere to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. ISO is an international organization that sets global technical standards for products and services. This ensures that all Fibercan products meet or exceed industry standards, which in turn guarantees high-quality performance. Our cables are also RoHS compliant, which means they are free of harmful toxins.

We also manufacture our own unique types of fiber cables using state-of-the-art technology. These cables are designed to meet specific customer needs, such as higher data speeds and longer distances. This allows us to offer customers a wide variety of options, ensuring they find the right product for their specific needs.


With 14 years of experience in the industry, Fibercan has developed a reputation for providing top-tier service and quality products. Thanks to our dedication to quality, Fibercan is able to provide customers with the best possible product experience. If you are looking for high-quality fiber cables that will last long, then look no further than Fibercan!