Our cable has a loose tube configuration with a metallic CSM (Central Strength Member), water-blocking material, and a dual PE sheath. Indoor fiber optic cable intended for interior applications. You can count on FIBERCAN to provide outstanding performance and dependability for all of your indoor fiber optic networking requirements.


Robust Construction for Optimal Protection

We understand the importance of protecting your fiber optic cables from external elements. Our GYTY53 indoor fiber optic cable incorporates a loose tube design, with the fibers positioned within a high-modulus plastic tube. These tubes are filled with a water-resistant compound to ensure resistance to moisture ingress. The cable core is further protected by a thin PE inner sheath, providing an additional layer of defense against water damage. With FIBERCAN, you can trust that your indoor fiber optic cables are well-protected.


Enhanced Strength and Durability

Our Stranded Armored Cable is equipped with a metallic CSM as a central strength member. This steel wire, sometimes sheathed in polyethylene (PE), adds robustness and stability to the cable, ensuring it can withstand various installation conditions. The CSM enhances the cable’s overall strength and helps maintain its structural integrity, providing long-lasting durability for indoor fiber optic installations.


Reliable Performance with Dual PE Sheath

We prioritize the performance and reliability of our indoor fiber optic cables. The GYTY53 cable is completed with a dual PE sheath, providing an additional layer of protection. This PE outer sheath ensures resistance against external factors, such as physical stresses and environmental conditions, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of the cable. With FIBERCAN, you can rely on our indoor fiber optic cables to deliver exceptional performance in any indoor installation scenario.



FIBERCAN is your reliable source for indoor fiber optic cables. Our Stranded Armored Cable, GYTY53, provides robust construction with a loose tube configuration, metallic CSM, water-blocking material, and a dual PE sheath. With our cables, you can expect optimal protection against moisture ingress and external elements. The inclusion of a central strength member enhances the cable’s strength and durability, while the dual PE sheath ensures reliable performance in various indoor installation scenarios. Trust FIBERCAN to provide high-quality indoor fiber optic cables that meet and exceed your expectations.