Being a well-known company in the field, we are a trusted fiber optic cable supplier. FIBERCAN provides a large selection of fiber optic cables made for a variety of uses, all while putting an emphasis on quality and client satisfaction. Our dedication to excellence, dependability, and novelty positions us as the perfect collaborator for all your fiber optic cable requirements.


Optimal Design for Efficient Installation

At FIBERCAN, we understand the importance of efficient cable installation. Our Flat Optical Fiber Drop Cable features a design that facilitates easy and hassle-free installation. The optical fiber unit is positioned in the center, with two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) placed on the sides. This configuration ensures the cable remains flat, making it easy to route and install in various environments. With FIBERCAN, you can expect a fiber optic cable that simplifies installation while providing exceptional performance.


LSZH Sheath for Enhanced Safety

Safety is a top priority when it comes to fiber optic cables. Our Flat Optical Fiber Drop Cable is completed with a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheath. This sheath is available in black or other colors, providing flexibility to match your specific requirements. The LSZH sheath ensures that in the event of a fire, the cable emits minimal smoke and toxic fumes, making it safer for both people and equipment. With FIBERCAN, you can trust that our fiber optic cables prioritize safety without compromising on performance.


Diverse Applications and Customization Options

We understand that different projects require specific fiber optic cable solutions. At FIBERCAN, we offer a diverse range of fiber optic cables suitable for various applications. Whether you need cables for indoor or outdoor installations, long-distance or short-distance connections, we have the right solution for you. Additionally, we provide customization options to meet your unique specifications. We can tailor the cable length, sheath color, and other parameters to ensure the perfect fit for your project.



Our Flat Optical Fiber Drop Cable, designed for efficient installation and enhanced safety, demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With FIBERCAN, you can expect fiber optic cables that simplify installation, prioritize safety with LSZH sheaths, and offer diverse applications and customization options. Trust FIBERCAN to provide high-quality fiber optic cables that meet your exact requirements.