In the ever-expanding landscape of data centers, efficiency and optimization are paramount. FIBERCAN, a trusted name in the industry, introduces its High-Density Patch Panel, a solution designed to redefine fiber distribution in a 19” (482.60 mm) frame. This intelligently crafted panel boasts a 1U H.D. 144-Core Optic Patch Panel, setting a new standard for high-density, low-maintenance fiber management.

Craft-Friendly Fiber Access

At the core of FIBERCAN’s High-Density Patch Panel is a commitment to providing users with superior fiber access. The intelligent design incorporates craft-friendly features, ensuring ease of use for technicians and reducing maintenance requirements. This translates to a more efficient and streamlined fiber distribution process within the data center environment.


Radius Protected Fiber Management

The High-Density Patch Panel introduces radius-protected fiber management, a crucial element for maintaining the integrity of the fiber infrastructure. This design choice enables secure routing and deployment of fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables. With a focus on protecting the delicate fibers, FIBERCAN ensures reliability and longevity in the performance of the patch panel.


1U H.D. 144-Core Optic Patch Panel

The 1U H.D. 144-Core Optic Patch Panel is a testament to FIBERCAN’s dedication to high-density solutions. This compact yet powerful panel optimizes rack space while accommodating a substantial 144-core optic capacity. This efficient use of space is invaluable in data centers where real estate is often at a premium, allowing for the integration of more components without sacrificing performance.



As data centers evolve to meet the increasing demands of the digital age, FIBERCAN’s High-Density Patch Panel emerges as a reliable solution for efficient fiber distribution. The craft-friendly design, radius-protected fiber management, and adaptability to cross-connect environments make it a standout choice for those seeking to optimize their data center infrastructure. With the 1U H.D. 144-Core Optic Patch Panel, FIBERCAN continues to be a trusted partner in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of data center operations. Elevate your data center with FIBERCAN – where high density meets high performance.