Our 1U Optical Patch Panel provides a complete and high-capacity big data database solution with the 24LC-3MTP Cassette installed. Designed to satisfy the requirements of FTTH, CATV, LAN, and WAN applications, as well as communications networks, our patch panel comes with aluminum and SPCC housings for flexibility and durability. With our wide selection of patch panels, FIBERCAN has you covered whether you need simplex or duplex connectivity.

Rational Structure for Enhanced Efficiency

At FIBERCAN, we understand the importance of efficient data storage solutions. Our 1U Optical Patch Panel features a rational structure that optimizes usability and accessibility. With compact design, this patch panel efficiently utilizes rack space while accommodating high data capacity. Streamline your operations with FIBERCAN’s innovative solution, reducing the time and effort required for data management and maintenance. Meet the growing demands of your business by harnessing the power of our rational structure, designed for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.


Versatile Applications for Diverse Needs

FIBERCAN’s 1U Optical Patch Panel caters to a wide range of applications, ensuring compatibility across various network setups. From telecommunication networks to CATV networks, FTTH, LAN, and WAN environments, our patch panel provides a versatile solution. Its adaptability extends to both simplex and duplex configurations, accommodating the specific requirements of your data storage needs. With FIBERCAN, you can confidently deploy our patch panel across multiple projects, knowing that our solution is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.


SPCC and Aluminum Housings for Durability

Investing in durable infrastructure is paramount when it comes to big data database solutions. FIBERCAN offers our 1U Optical Patch Panel in both SPCC and aluminum housings, ensuring resilience and longevity. You can select the housing material that aligns with your specific requirements and environmental conditions. Additionally, the availability of different colors allows for easy identification and organization within your network infrastructure. By choosing FIBERCAN, you are investing in a robust and customizable patch panel solution that will stand the test of time.



In conclusion, FIBERCAN’s 1U Optical Patch Panel with the 24LC-3MTP Cassette is your ultimate big data database solution. Upgrade your data management capabilities with FIBERCAN today and experience the efficiency and reliability our solutions offer.