As a trusted brand in the industry, FIBERCAN is committed to delivering high-quality high-density patch panels that meet the demands of modern fiber optic networks. Our Fiber Optic Spliced Patch Tray, 24 Fiber, is intelligently designed for use in a 19″ (482 mm) frame, providing superior fiber access and management. With FIBERCAN, you can trust that our high-density patch panels offer efficient fiber routing, deployment, and cross-connect capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for your network.

Craft-Friendly Fiber Management for Enhanced Performance

FIBERCAN’s high density patch panels are intelligently designed to provide craft-friendly fiber management. The Fiber Optic Spliced Patch Tray, 24 Fiber, offers radius-protected fiber management on both sides of the adapter plate, allowing for easy routing and deployment of fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables. This design ensures efficient and organized fiber connectivity, enabling faster installations and maintenance.


Versatility with Integrated Optical Components

Our high-density patch panels integrate optical components into identical cassettes, offering versatility for service providers. With the ability to mix and match fiber modules with optical components in the same chassis, FIBERCAN’s patch panels provide flexibility to meet diverse network requirements. This feature allows for easy customization and scalability, ensuring that your network can adapt and grow as needed.


Enhanced Protection and Compatibility

FIBERCAN’s high-density patch panels prioritize protection and compatibility. The front faceplate of our patch panels is securely designed to minimize the chance of accidental damage to the optical components. This ensures the longevity and reliability of your network infrastructure. Additionally, our high-density patch panels are suitable for use with GPX18-F fiber optic patch panels, providing seamless compatibility and integration into existing network setups.



FIBERCAN is your reliable provider of high-density patch panels designed to meet the needs of modern fiber optic networks. With our Fiber Optic Spliced Patch Tray, 24 Fiber, you can expect craft-friendly fiber management, versatility with integrated optical components, and enhanced protection for your network infrastructure. We prioritize performance, scalability, and compatibility, ensuring that our high-density patch panels provide efficient fiber routing, deployment, and cross-connect capabilities.