With Fibercan, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering seamless connectivity solutions. Let’s explore how our MPO trunk cables can enhance your networking infrastructure.


5.0mm SM Patch Cord with Innovative Uniboot Connector

At Fibercan, we offer a 5.0mm SM Patch Cord featuring our patented connectors, specifically designed for O.D. 5.0mm cable. This innovative patch cord is engineered for high performance and durability. The Uniboot Connector design allows for easy installation and cable management, making it ideal for various applications. With Fibercan’s 5.0mm SM Patch Cord, you can expect reliable connectivity and efficient data transmission.


Seamless Connectivity with MPO Trunk Cable

Our MPO trunk cables are designed to provide seamless connectivity for your networking needs. Whether it’s data centers, enterprise networks, or telecommunications applications, our MPO trunk cables deliver high-speed and reliable connections. With their compact and flexible design, they optimize space utilization and simplify cable management. Fibercan’s MPO trunk cables are the solution you need for efficient and reliable connectivity.


Quality and Performance You Can Trust

At Fibercan, we prioritize quality and performance in our MPO trunk cable solutions. Our cables are built using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure durability and optimal signal transmission. Each cable undergoes thorough testing to meet industry standards and ensure superior performance. With Fibercan as your provider, you can rely on our MPO trunk cables to deliver the connectivity you need with exceptional quality and reliability.



Fibercan is your trusted provider of MPO trunk cables, offering seamless connectivity and reliable performance. Our 5.0mm SM Patch Cord with Uniboot Connector provides easy installation and efficient cable management. With our MPO trunk cables, you can achieve seamless connectivity in data centers, enterprise networks, and telecommunications applications. We prioritize quality and performance, ensuring that our cables meet and exceed industry standards. Choose Fibercan as your trusted partner for MPO trunk cables and experience the enhanced connectivity and efficiency they bring to your networking infrastructure.