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3D Microscope Interferometer

3D Microscope Interferometers for Fiber Optic Connector Surface Inspection

Huizhou Fibercan Industrial Co., Ltd developed a high-performance, low-cost, manual focus and non-contact interferometer independently.

This interferometer’s original key parts were imported from Japan. FIBERCAN self-innovated, self-produced, and self-used nearly 30 sets, working for years at our own factory instead of other brands, proven with excellent performance, stable and high precision, easy operation, and automatic test

It can measure the radius of curvature (ROC), apex offset (Apex offset), fiber height (Fiber height) and the tolerance of grinding angle of APC connector, key error, surface roughness parameters, etc.

What’s more, its 3D coloured picture can display the connector end-face situation straight away.

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Operation Interface


Special Feature
     ●   Data Center Unique Core Algorithm

     ●   Optimize Optical Design   

     ●   Perfect Structure Design

     ●   Accurate Fixture Design



     ●   Fast and precise automatic test after manual calibration, which is faster than that of automatic focus test.

     ●   Capability to test LC, SC and FC connectors in both PC and APC modes, including 2.5mm and 1.25mm fixtures.

     ●   No needs to change fixtures for PC and APC test mode switching.

     ●   No need to recalibrate, testing directly after adjusting the fixture platform angle only.

     ●   Both English and Chinese operation software, user guide, and videos. Simple, easy and convenient to operate.

     ●   Professional after-sales installation and operation technical support.



It passed the test and was issued a report from NIM (China National Institute of Metrology).


Main Parameters

Measurement ItemsMeasurement RangeRepeatabilityReproducibility
Radius of curvature(mm)3 ~ ∞±0.01±0.02
Optical fiber height(nm)-150 ~ +150± 1± 2.0
Apex offset(um)0 ~ 500±0.5± 1.5
APC angle(deg)7 ~ 9±0.01±0.02
APC key error(deg)± 1±0.01±0.02



Package Size54x36x37cm
Package G.W./N.W18kg / 9.3kg

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