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FIBERCAN Customized Patch Cassettes/Panels

Model: PCP-PXH-001

This high-density patch panel features a standardized 1-inch chassis with a capacity ranging from 12 cores to 144 cores.

These fiber optic cassettes seamlessly integrate optical fiber fusion splicing, disk storage, and wiring functionalities. The versatile splicing module accommodates FC, SC, and ST adapters, making this fiber optic panel suitable for both ordinary pigtails and bundled pigtails.

– High-density modular design

– Multiple models are optional

– Equipped with a 12-core integrated splicing unit for direct splicing

– Each fusion module can be drawn out separately to meet off-shelf or on-rack operation needs

– Good operability when the capacity is large




The following are some main features of customized patch cassettes:

     ●  Tailored to specific needs

     ●  Optional multiple models

     ●  Advanced design

     ●  High-density 144-core cabling

     ●  Optimal space utilization

     ●  Convenient cabling

     ●  Cost-effectiveness

     ●  Meeting compliance and industry standards



Our high-density patch panels have many applications as below:

        Data Center

    ●   Chassis cabinet

     ●   Network Cabling


Flexible Configuration

– Connector

    ●   Capable for 24F MTP/MPO to 24xLC connections

     ●   Capable for 2x12F MTP/MPO to 12xLC connections

     ●   Capable for 3x8F MTP/MPO to 8xLC connections

– Splitter

     ●   Capable for 12F LC or SC pigtail Splice in Crimp splice or 900um buffer splice

     ●   Capable for 3pcs 1×4 splitter or WDM splice

– MTP/MPO Patch Cord

     ●   Capable for Patch only for MTP/MPO patch cord (12pcs patch adaptor)

– Adapter

     ●   Capable for different patch methods on the same adaptor (Special MPO adaptor design)

– Splice Tray

Unique 1U odf rack mount mpo high density patch panel fiber optic enclosure

– Labeling

     ●   Capable of different types of labelling



Take 144-fiber 12×12 MPO/MTP patch cord inlet connection as an example, this fiber solution offers impressive density and efficiency for data transmission. Our fiber optic cassettes are designed to accommodate a large number of fibers, providing seamless connectivity for complex and high-capacity network setups.


Unique 1U odf rack mount mpo high density patch panel fiber optic enclosure

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