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LC Fiber Optic Field Connector

FAST connectors are factory-polished, field-installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand-polishing in the field. We incorporated innovation into the device. Our proven mechanical splice technology ensures precise fiber alignment. Besides, the combination of factory pre-cut fiber stubs and proprietary index-matching gels provides direct, low-loss termination of single-mode or multimode fiber.

FAST connectors are compatible with 250/900μm optical fibers, 0.9/2/3mm breakout cables, 0.25/0.9/3.0/2.0/2*1.6/2*3.0mm drop cables, and other major fiber types. Each connector is coloured to meet industry standard requirements to aid in identification during and after installation. 



     ●    Tight lock design(with teeth inside) holding the cable tightly

     ●    Slide up and down to lock and unlock the fiber easily and conveniently

     ●    Precision mechanical alignment & pre-buried ceramic groove, for low loss and high-performance efficient connection

     ●    Reuse time for 3- 5 times, up to 10 times

     ●    Drop cable (2*3.0mm), 3.0mm Round, 0.9/2.0mm Tight, 0.25mm Bare



     ●    Premise environments

     ●    Connectors at the desk for LAN environments

     ●    Patch panels

     ●    Direct equipment terminations

     ●    Fiber to the Subscribers(applications)

     ●    Equipment test leads




 Insertion loss (dB)


 Average: 0.25;

Max.: 0.5


Average: 0.20;

Max.: 0.5

 Return Loss@Room Temperature (Single-mode) (dB)

 ≥ 45

Operating Temperature (°C)

-40 ~ +75

Tensile Strength (N)

> 30 N

Standard compliance: IEC, Telcordia, RoHS and Reach.

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