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Fiber Optic FTTH terminal box 2 port / 86 Wall Box

This wall socket is designed for FTTH applications, 2 core fiber termination wall box is used to terminate optical cables to pigtails at subscriber’s premises. It is mounted on the wall. The cable is fed to the wall outlet from it back. A patchcord leads from the wall outlet to the active equipment (CPE-cutomer permises equipment ) 


     ●  Accommodation of 2 adapters. Compact Design

     ●  Easy installation.

     ●  Suitable for SC SX and LC DX adapters.

     ●  Easy slick-in cover mounting.

     ●  Fixing pin for splice protection sleeve.

     ●  Hinged and detachable splice cassette.


     ●  Optical Telecommunication System; LAN; Optical fibre Communication System;

     ●  CATV Networks; Fiber optical transducer;

     ●  Optical fibre broadband access network; FTTH access network;

     ●  Optical fibre testing machine/equipment

     ●  ODF; Rack and wall mount; Fibre optical distribution frame

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