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LC-HD Uniboot Connector, Reversible, with Pull & Push Bar

It’s a totally unique design of FIBERCAN for increasing panel density to its highest possible.

The flexible “Pull-tab” allows for the connector to be disengaged easily from densely loaded panels without the need for special tools or finger access.”Pull-Tabs” are available in three standard Lengths and multiple colours.

The regular LC adapter spacing was limited by the room required to reach LC connectors with human fingers or with special tools, This low-profile FIBERCAN LC-HD Connector, together with its pull tab allow LC adapters to be stacked with full use of vertical space.


Mouse-Dragable Before-After Display with Regular Apdaters on Panel Racks

Diagram (Unit: mm)

2 Applicable Tabs

Its applicable tab is 60mm in Length.

Uniboot LC-HD Pull Push Bar is only for Uniboot, while LC-HD Connector Pull Bar is for both simplex and duplex.

     ●    LC-HD Connector


     ●    LC-HD Uniboot Connector


Feature – 40% Increase in Density

     ●    Stackable Adapters for High-Density Applications

     ●    Cross Change

     ●    Easy to release trigger connector

     ●    Uniboot



     ●    Patch panels

     ●    Direct equipment termination

     ●    High-density Data Center



     ●    Chinese Patent No.: ZL 201710249926.8

     ●    U.S. Patent No.: US 10, 768, 381 B2

     ●    PCT No.: PCT/CN2017/088242



     ●    Telcordia

     ●    RoHS

     ●    IEC 61754-20-2002



Insertion Loss (dB)≤ 0 .25
Return Loss (dB)≥ 50≥ 35≥ 60
Operating Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +70

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