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Loose Tube Aluminum Fiber Optic Cable, with Steel Tape Armour, GYTA53

Loos tubes (or some with fillers) are stranded around the central strength member to form the cable core, which is longitudinally bounded by aluminium polyethene laminate. Next, they are further bonded to the PE inner jacket as a moisture barrier and then corrugated steel tape laminated with polyethene on both sides. The PE outer jacket consisted of medium-density polyethene extruded under vacuum conditions.



Fiber Optic Cable Testing

In-Process Q.C.

ODTR Testing   




Testing Standard

100% Testing


Inner Structure


     ●   High tensile strength.

     ●   Good performance on mechanical stress, crush resistance, temperature and transmission.

     ●   High Yong’s modulus phosphatized steel wire as a central strength member.

     ●   PE buffer extruded to the outside of steel wire when necessary.

     ●   Filling the loose tubes, cable core and all interstices with moisture-proof gel and compound, for preventing water ingress longitudinally.

     ●   The aluminium tape, laminated on both sides with polyethene and the PE inner sheath closely bonded, for the cable’s radial moisture.

     ●   Armoured with longitudinal corrugated steel tape, and laminated with polyethene.

     ●   Longitudinal water-blocking tape at the inner side of the steel tape, tightly bonded to the MDPE sheath, preventing radial moisture and reinforcing mechanical crush resistance as well as preventing water ingress longitudinally.


Laying Method

     ●   Direct Buried



Fiber count

2 ~ 144

Nominal Weight (kg/km)

Depending on different specifications

Min. Bending Radius (mm)





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