Mode Conditioning Patch Cord

FIBERCAN mode conditioning patch cord is needed when both single-mode and multimode interconnects must be maintained at the same time, such as LX/ LHGBIC.

When an unconditioned laser source operates on a single-mode fiber cable directly coupled to an MMF cable, an effect known as differential mode delay(DMD) might occur. DMD can degrade the modal bandwidth of the fiber optic cable, decreasing link span that could have been reliably supported.

The solution is to launch light from the laser at a precise offset from the centre, which is accomplished by using the mode conditioning cables. The offset point creates launches similar to typical multimode LED launches.


Fiber Optic Cables Testing

In-Process Q.C.

 I.L. and R.L. Testing   3D Interferometer TestingEnd-Face Inspection




Testing Standard

100% Grade B Testing

100% Testing

200% Testing


Mechanical Diagram

Material1SC Dust CapPE
2SC Outer HousingPBT
4Label RingPE
5Heat Shrink TubePE
6Fiber ModeMM
7Protection SleevePE+SUS304
8Fiber ModeSM
10LC Outer HousingPEI
11LC Dust CapPE


Cable Structure



     ●   Meet the toughest Telcordia standards

     ●   RoHS-Compliance for both products and package 

     ●   IEC


     ●   Data Center

     ●   Wireless    

     ●   FTTH

     ●   Telecommunications

Insertion Loss (dB)A1 (MM)A2 (MM)B1 (MM)B2 (SM)
≤ 0.25≤ 0.25≤ 18≤ 0.25
Tensile Load (kg)7.0
Bend Radius (cm)3.8
Operating Temperature (℃)-20 ~ +75
Storage Temperature (℃)-20 ~ +85


     ●   Individual PE bag packing

     ●   Blister packing

     ●   OEM available upon request

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