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Fiber Optic Panel Tray, MTP/MPO to MTP/MPO

The cassette is a high-density, low-maintenance fibre distribution panel for use in a 19″(482 mm) frame.

Panels are intelligently designed to provide the user with superior fiber access, utilizing craft-friendly radius-protected fiber management for routing and deploying fiber jumpers or multi-fibre cables, on both sides of the adapter plate for cross-connect environments. It integrates optical components into the identical cassette, allowing service providers to mix and match fiber modules with optical components in the same chassis.

The front faceplate is secured to reduce the chance of accidental damage to the optical component. Suitable for GPX18-F fiber optic patch panel.


     ●  Performance according to IEC.

     ●  Compliance with RoHS.


Other Information

     ●  Identification Label: A-C for 1U, A-F for 2U, A-I for 4U.

     ●  Equipment Port Marking Label: Hand-writing Label.



Max. Capacity of Adapters


Insertion Loss

< 0.25dB

Operating Temperature(℃)


Storage Temperature(℃)


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