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ODVA-D LC/SC Sealed Connector

FIBERCAN ODVA-DLC plug (RRU side) assemblies provide both an environmental seal and mechanical protection for 2 fibers duplex LC-style connections. The industrial panel-mount, plastic adapters serve as a sealed feed-through for the fiber connection. A single shutter, available in plastic or metal, is secured inside the adapter to cover both LC duplex ports and provide dust and laser protection for the internal fiber connection.

Besides, the assemblies guarantee an easy, one-step connection system with the combined push-pull insertion and bayonet-style mechanical latch. ODVA-DLC’s quick installation has good performance on mating with the SFP module.

Moreover, the new industrial integrated flange-mount adapters are designed for tight, side-by-side applications. The industrial duplex LC assembly has been ratified as a ‘Standard Interface’ in the ODVA*(Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) as a next-generation industrial interconnect.

Its applicable cable can be armoured or non-armoured.



Connector AModeCableLengthBreakoutCoreConnector B



SM G652D5mm ODCustomizedStandard 0.25m1FLC
MM G657A27mm OD2FSC
MM 62.5/125 CustomizedFC
MM 50/125  ST
Customized  Customized



     ●   Telecom networks tower, such as 5G Tower Base Station.    

     ●   CATV, LAN & WAN.


Fiber TypeSM
Housing MaterialPEI+30%FV
Connector TypeSC SX
LC Duplex




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