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LC-FC Fiber Optic Hybrid Adapter, Simplex, Singlemode

An adapter(coupler) is a small device designed to terminate or connect between fibre optic cables or connectors.

FC-LC SX adapter is usually used in high-density patch panels, cassettes, ODFs, etc.


Fiber Optic Adapter Testing

In-Process Q.C.

 I.L. and R.L. Testing   End-Face Inspection



Testing Standard

100% Grade B Testing

200% Testing


Mechanical specifications

   Material HousingPlastic & Metal


Other Requirements

     ●    Telcordia GR-326

     ●    RoHS

     ●    IEC61754-4


     ●   Data Center

     ●   Wireless; LAN; CATV    

     ●   Telecommunications

     ●   FTTH; FTTXs

Optical Specifications

Technical Specs.Value
Typical Insertion Loss (dB)≤ 0.2
Return Loss (dB)

SM ≥ 55dB;

APC ≥ 65 dB

Durability (dB/500 Mating Times)△ I.L. ≤ 0.2


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