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Visual Fault Locator, 1mW/10mw/20mW/30mW

The Visual Fault Locator is usually used to find the broken point in optical fibre, cable, patchcord, etc. It is a perfect complementary tool for OTDR to find breaks in the dead zone of OTDR.

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     ●    Mini size, portable and durable.

     ●    Universal connectors.

     ●    Ceramic tube replaceable.

     ●    CW/2Hz modulated output.


Optional Adapters


     ●   Data Center

     ●   Wireless    

     ●   FTTH

     ●   Telecommunications



     ●   The output power is figured out by multimode optical fiber at 23°C ± 3°C.

     ●   Detecting range will be different with different fibers.

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