In the fast-paced world of connectivity, FIBERCAN stands out as a leading supplier of optic fiber, committed to providing high-quality solutions for seamless communication. Our focus on innovation and reliability extends to our 4 core fiber optic cable, designed to meet the demands of modern connectivity at an affordable outdoor fiber optic cable price.

Exploring FIBERCAN’s 4-Core Fiber Optic Cable

As your trusted optic fiber supplier, FIBERCAN brings you the best in class 4-core outdoor fiber optic cable, combining functionality and affordability. Let’s delve into the key features that make this product a standout choice in the world of fiber optics:


Dual Jacket for Enhanced Safety

FIBERCAN’s 4-core fiber optic cable is equipped with a dual jacket, providing an additional layer of protection. This feature ensures the safety of the cable, making it resilient against environmental factors and physical wear and tear. With FIBERCAN, you can trust that your connectivity infrastructure is safeguarded for consistent performance even in challenging conditions.


W-CPR Cca Certified Stability

Stability is paramount in the realm of fiber optic cables, and FIBERCAN takes this seriously. Our 4-core fiber optic cable is W-CPR Cca certified, guaranteeing stable and reliable performance. Whether you’re establishing connections for residential or commercial purposes, you can rely on FIBERCAN’s certification to ensure a consistent and dependable network.



As you navigate the landscape of optic fiber solutions, FIBERCAN stands as your reliable partner. Our 4-core fiber optic cable exemplifies our commitment to quality, safety, and affordability. With a dual jacket for enhanced safety, W-CPR Cca certification for stability, wide application versatility, and fire retardant properties, FIBERCAN ensures that your connectivity needs are not just met but exceeded. Trust FIBERCAN for connectivity solutions that empower your network infrastructure, setting the stage for seamless communication in the digital age.