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FIBERCAN Unitube 4-Core Fiber Optic Cable

Being a leading supplier of optic fiber supplier, Fibercan offers you FTTH drop cable at the best 4-core outdoor fiber optic cable price. Take a quick review of the key features of this 4-core fiber optic cable:

  • Dual jacket guarantees the safety
  • W-CPR Cca Certifiedto ensure stable performance
  • Wide application at reasonable prices
  • Retardant to fire with high-quality


Fiber Optic Cable Testing

In-Process Q.C.

ODTR Testing   




Testing Standard

100% Testing



This 4-core fiber optic cable is highly praised by our customers with these distinctive merits:

    ●   High-strength yarn member

     ●   Lightweight, soft and small outer diameter

     ●   Flame-retardant

     ●   Easy to strip

     ●   Anti-rodent

     ●   Environmental friendly

Fiber count124
Fiber TypeSM9/125, MM50/125, MM62.5/125, OM3, OM4,OM5 option
Cable Diameter (mm)3.9
Tolerance Range (mm)±0.05, or customized
Cable Weight (kgs/km)13.5
Buffer Diameter(mm)0.95



Equipped with various benefits, this 4-core fiber optic cable has many applications, including:

    ●   Building-to-building connection.

     ●   Indoor soft cable along the wall ceiling, between layers and in conduits.

     ●   Making pigtails and patch cords for communication equipment.

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Tensile (N)Long term300
Short term1000
Min. Bending radius (D=Cable diameter)Dynamic20D
Temperature Range  (°C)-20~+70

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