With our extensive range of products and expertise in the field, we are your ultimate solution for reliable and tailor-made cable assemblies. Let’s explore the diverse product categories we offer, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-performance fiber optic solutions.


Versatile Customization Options for Every Need

At Fibercan, we understand that every project has unique demands. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable product categories to address your specific requirements. Whether you need multi-core/armored breakout cables, military fiber optic patch cords, waterproof cables, IP68 cables, FullAXS series, ODVA series, H-Connector series, or any other custom cable assembly, we have you covered. Our expertise allows us to tailor our products to meet your exact specifications, ensuring exceptional performance and compatibility.


Custom Cable Assembly for Optimal Performance

We take pride in our ability to provide custom cable assembly solutions that exceed expectations. With Fibercan, you can expect products that are meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design cable assemblies that meet or even exceed industry standards. Trust Fibercan to deliver high-quality, fully customized cable assembly solutions that empower your network infrastructure.


Affordable MPO Trunk Cables for Efficient Connectivity

In addition to our wide range of customizable options, Fibercan offers affordable MPO trunk cables. These high-density cables are designed to simplify connectivity in data centers and other demanding environments. With superior performance and reliability, our MPO trunk cables enable efficient transmission of large volumes of data, reducing installation time and costs. Experience seamless connectivity and cost-effective solutions with Fibercan’s affordable MPO trunk cables.



When it comes to custom cable assembly manufacturers, Fibercan stands out as a trusted and reliable choice. With our versatile customization options, we can address various needs, including multi-core/armored breakout cables, military fiber optic patch cords, waterproof cables, IP68 cables, and more. Our commitment to delivering optimal performance and high-quality products ensures that your network infrastructure operates at its best. Experience the difference between our tailored solutions and affordable MPO trunk cables.