At FIBERCAN, we are proud to offer the innovative and reliable high density patch panel. Designed to ensure secure and efficient fiber optical cable joint closures, our high-quality PC-based closure is suitable for a variety of installation settings, including aerial, pipeline, and underground installations. With advanced features and exceptional sealing capabilities, our closure guarantees long-lasting protection for fiber connectors.

Advanced Construction and Sealing Technology

Our FIBERCAN High Density Patch Panel is constructed using a high-quality PC material that ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors. The closure is an openable box, allowing easy access for cable splicing and branching. Whether it is aerial-hanging, wall-mounting, or direct burial, our closure accommodates various installation methods to meet your specific needs.


Superior Performance in Challenging Conditions

With a wide operational range, our FIBERCAN High Density Patch Panel can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 65℃. In addition, it can handle atmospheric pressures of 70~106Kpa, providing reliable performance in diverse environments. With a tensile strength greater than 1000N, the closure ensures secure connections even under tension.


Exceptional Sealing Capabilities

The FIBERCAN High Density Patch Panel utilizes Silicon Gum Material for sealing the closure and foundation plate, offering tight fixation through the use of a hoop. Furthermore, the cables are also sealed with Silicon Gum Material, ensuring maximum protection against leakage. Our closure has been tested to withstand 60Kpa pressure within the box at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 65℃, exhibiting no signs of leakage after 10 cycles.



With insulation resistance of 2x 104M and voltage resistance strength of 15KV (DC) for 1 minute without breakdown or fly arc, our FIBERCAN High Density Patch Panel guarantees exceptional performance. Its superior sealing capabilities and sturdy construction make it ideal for direct joint and branch-off joint applications, providing reliable protection for fiber connectors.