Our goal at FIBERCAN is to improve connection in crowded patching environments by offering cutting-edge technologies. We provide a dependable and effective solution to remove connectivity problems with our custom fiber optic cable assemblies, which include our traceable fiber patch cord. Our traceable fiber patch wire is perfect for high-density situations like data centers and telephony closets because it can recognize patches even in crowded installations.

Innovative Traceable Fiber Patch Cord Technology

Our traceable fiber patch cord is designed to improve visibility in dense patching environments. By connecting the power source to the traceable indicator on one end of the patch cord, the corresponding traceable indicator on the other end illuminates, allowing easy identification of patches. This ground-breaking technology greatly reduces interconnect errors and streamlines troubleshooting processes.


Wide Range of Applications

Our custom fiber optic cable assemblies, including the traceable fiber patch cord, find applications in various industries. From data centers to wireless networks and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installations, our cable assemblies offer superior performance and reliability. Additionally, they are suitable for telecommunications applications, ensuring seamless connectivity across networks.


Industry-Compliant and Certified

Understanding the importance of compliance in the industry, FIBERCAN ensures that our custom fiber optic cable assemblies meet the necessary standards. Our products and packaging are RoHS-compliant, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility. Moreover, our cable assemblies adhere to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, guaranteeing quality and performance.



FIBERCAN’s custom fiber optic cable assemblies, particularly the traceable fiber patch cord, offer an innovative solution to eliminate interconnect errors in dense patching environments. Our technology allows for easy identification of patches, enabling efficient troubleshooting and reducing downtime. With applications in data centers, wireless networks, FTTH deployments, and telecommunications, our cable assemblies ensure seamless connectivity across various industries.