Fibercan is proud to present our Top Hub Outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure, designed to meet international certifications and standards. This termination box for fiber optic cables offers a wide range of unique features that make it a popular choice for outdoor installations.

Various Installation Methods for Flexibility

Fibercan’s Top Hub Outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure offers versatility in installation methods. Whether you prefer cross-arm hoop, aerial, underground, or wall-mounting installations, our enclosure ensures compatibility with different setups. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable installation method for your specific requirements, providing ease of deployment and adaptability to various outdoor environments.


Adjustable Splicing Trays for Efficient Organization

Efficient organization of connectors and fibers is crucial for a well-structured fiber optic network. With our outdoor fiber termination box, you can store connectors and fibers in a neat and orderly manner. The enclosure features adjustable splicing trays, allowing you to customize the number of trays according to the number of fibers. This ensures efficient cable management, simplifies maintenance, and maximizes the utilization of available space.


Safety, Reliability, and Resistance to Environmental Factors

Fibercan’s outdoor fiber termination box prioritizes safety, reliability, and resistance to environmental factors. Constructed with reinforced plastic, the enclosure exhibits high strength and corrosion resistance, providing long-lasting protection and connection for your fiber optic cables. The mature structure, reliable sealing, and ease of construction ensure hassle-free installation and maintenance. Additionally, this termination box is designed to resist aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen, and microorganisms, ensuring excellent mechanical strength and durability in harsh outdoor environments.



When it comes to reliable and protected outdoor fiber optic connectivity, Fibercan’s Top Hub Outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure excels as the ideal choice. With its various installation methods, adjustable splicing trays, and safety features, this termination box ensures seamless connectivity and efficient cable management. Trust Fibercan to deliver high-quality solutions that combine safety, reliability, and resistance to environmental factors.