Offering cutting-edge data center fiber optic solutions that guarantee dependable connectivity and peak performance is something we at FIBERCAN are proud to offer. We compete with market leaders like Corning Optitap and Amphenol H-connector with our affordable and practical U.S. & C.N. Patented TopTap SC Adapter. Our TopTap connector offers unparalleled dependability and simplicity of installation thanks to its foolproof design and compatibility with a wide range of goods on the market.

Enhanced Protection and Durability

The FIBERCAN Patented TopTap connector features IP68 protection, making it resistant to salt-mist, humidity, and dust. Its special waterproof protection caps provide additional defense against harsh environments. This ensures that your fiber optic connections remain secure and reliable, even in challenging conditions. The predetermined loss at each waterproof tether access point drastically reduces the need for field splicing, saving time and effort during installation.


Versatile Application and Compatibility

Our TopTap connector utilizes traditional field installation techniques for aerial, underground, and duct deployments. With its blind-mating function, it can easily mate with TopTap-receptacle, H-receptacle, and other similar products available in the market. This compatibility extends to Corning Optitap-SC, ensuring a seamless integration into existing systems. Whether for single-mode (SM) or multimode (MM) fiber applications, our TopTap connector is designed to deliver exceptional performance.


Efficient and Optically Tested

We understand the importance of time efficiency in data center deployments. With the FIBERCAN Patented TopTap connector, you can reduce installation time by 50% at each network access point. Additionally, our connectors undergo rigorous optical testing to ensure a flawless connection. This guarantees reliable performance and minimizes the risk of signal loss or degradation. With a broad temperature range of -40 to +85°C, our connectors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing flexibility for various installation scenarios.



FIBERCAN offers reliable and efficient data center fiber optic solutions that are designed to enhance connectivity in demanding environments. Our U.S. & C.N. Patented TopTap SC Adapter competes with leading industry connectors such as Corning Optitap and Amphenol H-connector. With features like IP68 protection, fool-proofing design, and compatibility with various products, our connectors provide unmatched durability and ease of installation. Trust FIBERCAN to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your data center’s unique needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance.