At FIBERCAN, our mission is to satisfy our clients’ constantly changing needs by offering premium fiber optic solutions. Being a top fiber optic company, we provide many different products, such as our adaptable Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable. Our Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable is the best option for a variety of applications because of exceptional characteristics and dependable performance, which guarantee smooth optical transmission and effective data processing.

Innovative Design and Lightweight Construction

The FIBERCAN Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable is designed with central bundling of fibers within a PBT loose tube. This innovative design not only ensures even distribution and protection of the fibers but also results in a small outer diameter and lightweight cable. This makes installation and handling easier, while still maintaining high performance and reliability.


Enhanced Protection and Versatile Options

We understand the importance of protecting your fiber optic connections from external factors. That is why our Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable features fibers that are protected by filing compound, providing an additional layer of defense against moisture and other environmental factors. Moreover, we offer options for flame-retardant or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jackets, giving you the flexibility to choose the cable that best suits your specific requirements.


Easy Installation and Adaptive Applications

With a messenger wire as a self-supporting component, the FIBERCAN Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable offers high tensile strength, making it suitable for a variety of installation methods. Whether you prefer conduit, aerial, direct buried, or shelf installation, our cable is designed to adapt to different laying methods. This versatility ensures that our Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, providing reliable optical transmission for transmission equipment and data processing equipment.



Our Multi-Core Fiber Optical Cable exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality products with superior features and reliable performance. With its lightweight construction, enhanced protection, and adaptability to various installation methods, our cable provides a seamless solution for optical transmission and general cabling needs. Trust FIBERCAN, the leading fiber optic company, for all your fiber optic requirements.