FIBERCAN is a company that specializes in offering innovative and efficient fiber optic solutions. Our bespoke patch cassettes/panels, model PCP-PXH-001, are built to the highest quality and performance standards. FIBERCAN’s fiber optic panel provides seamless integration and unsurpassed connection for your networking needs thanks to its high-density modular design and configurable splicing module.



High-Density Modular Design for Enhanced Efficiency

At FIBERCAN, we understand the importance of maximizing space without compromising functionality. Our fiber optic panel features a high-density modular design that optimizes rack space utilization. With a standardized 1-inch chassis and a capacity ranging from 12 cores to 144 cores, our panel provides a scalable solution for both small and large-scale deployments. Experience enhanced efficiency with FIBERCAN’s customizable patch cassettes/panels.


Versatile Splicing Module for Flexibility and Compatibility

FIBERCAN’s fiber optic panel seamlessly integrates optical fiber fusion splicing, disk storage, and wiring functionalities. The versatile splicing module accommodates FC, SC, and ST adapters, making it suitable for both ordinary and bundled pigtails. This flexibility allows for easy adaptation to various networking requirements, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment. Trust FIBERCAN to provide a reliable and adaptable fiber optic solution for your connectivity needs.


Easy Operability and Convenience

We understand the importance of ease of use and maintenance. FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels are equipped with a 12-core integrated splicing unit for direct splicing, reducing complexity and time-consuming processes. Each fusion module can be drawn out separately, allowing for off-shelf or on-rack operation needs. Additionally, our fiber optic panel ensures good operability even with a large capacity, providing convenience and efficiency for your networking infrastructure.



FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels, model PCP-PXH-001, offer a superior solution for streamlining connectivity. With a high-density modular design, versatile splicing module, and easy operability, our fiber optic panel provides unmatched performance and adaptability. Whether you require a small-scale deployment or a large networking infrastructure, FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels are designed to meet your specific needs. Choose FIBERCAN for reliable, efficient, and innovative fiber optic solutions that propel your connectivity to new heights.