For a variety of applications, our ST-ST Duplex Optical Patch Cord provides dependable, high-performance connectivity. Our patch cord is ideal for enterprise networks, telecom carriers, server farms, cloud storage networks, and more. It is optically tested rigorously to guarantee unrivaled quality and complies with RoHS regulations. You may feel secure knowing that FIBERCAN has your fiber lines covered.

Versatile Application in Various Industries

FIBERCAN’s ST-ST Duplex Optical Patch Cord is a versatile solution that finds its application in numerous industries. Whether you’re equipping a data center, establishing wireless networks, implementing FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solutions, or enhancing telecommunications infrastructure, our patch cord provides seamless connectivity and superior performance. Trust FIBERCAN to deliver reliable connectivity across multiple industries.


RoHS Compliant and High-Quality Construction

We prioritize environmental compliance and the provision of exceptional quality. FIBERCAN’s ST-ST Duplex Optical Patch Cord is RoHS compliant, ensuring that it meets strict standards for hazardous substance control. Additionally, our patch cord undergoes rigorous optical testing for insertion loss, guaranteeing optimal signal transmission and reliability. When you choose FIBERCAN, you choose high-quality fiber optic solutions.


Wide Range of Options for Diverse Needs

We understand that each network configuration is unique, which is why FIBERCAN provides a wide range of options for our ST-ST Duplex Optical Patch Cord. The optical cable can be OFNR or OFNP, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your specific requirements. Furthermore, our cables are UL listed, providing you with an additional layer of confidence in the quality and safety of our products.



FIBERCAN’s ST-ST Duplex Optical Patch Cord is the ideal solution for seamless connectivity across your fiber lines. With versatile application in industries such as data centers, wireless networks, FTTH, and telecommunications, our patch cord offers reliable and high-performance connectivity. Rest assured that our RoHS compliant and optically tested patch cord provides the utmost quality and durability. Experience uninterrupted connectivity with FIBERCAN today.