The 48 port patch panel from FIBERCAN is the best option for businesses looking for cost-effectiveness, industry standard compliance, convenient cabling, and optimal space management. It is designed with advanced features and high-density capabilities.

 Tailored to Specific Needs

At FIBERCAN, we understand that no two networks are the same. That’s why our customized patch cassettes/panels are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a panel for data centers, chassis cabinets, or network cabling, our team of experts will work closely with you to deliver a solution that perfectly aligns with your network architecture.


Advanced Design and High-Density Cabling

When it comes to network performance, efficiency is key. FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels boast an advanced design that allows for high-density 144-core cabling. This means you can maximize your network’s potential without sacrificing valuable rack space. With our patch panels, you can achieve optimal space utilization while ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your network infrastructure.


Convenient Cabling and Cost-Effectiveness

We know that managing cables can be a challenge, which is why FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels are designed with convenient cabling in mind. Our 48 port patch panel offers flexible configuration options, including various connector types and splitter capabilities. Whether you need MTP/MPO patch cords, pigtails, or adaptors, FIBERCAN has you covered. Additionally, our solutions are built to be cost-effective, giving you high-quality performance without breaking the bank.



FIBERCAN’s customized patch cassettes/panels provide tailored solutions for your network needs. With advanced design, high-density cabling capabilities, and convenient configuration options, our 48 port patch panel is the perfect choice for organizations looking to optimize network infrastructure. Upgrade your network today with FIBERCAN’s exceptional products and experience the difference in performance and efficiency.