FIBERCAN takes pride in delivering high-quality fiber optic products for a wide range of applications. One such product is the FIBERCAN MPO Trunk Cable, designed to optimize connectivity and ensure seamless data transmission. Compliant with RoHS standards, this cable undergoes rigorous optical testing to guarantee superior performance. Whether you’re establishing connections in data centers, wireless networks, FTTH deployments, or telecommunications environments, we has got you covered.

Data Center

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data centers play a pivotal role in storing, managing, and processing massive amounts of information. The FIBERCAN MPO Trunk Cable empowers data centers by providing efficient connections between servers, storage systems, and network switches. With exceptional bandwidth capacity and low insertion loss, this cable enhances data transfer speeds, reduces latency, and ensures uninterrupted data flow, resulting in an optimal environment for critical business operations.


Wireless Networks

Wireless networks have become an integral part of our daily lives, enabling us to stay connected on the go. Whether it’s accessing the internet, streaming media, or communicating through various devices, reliable and fast connections are crucial. FIBERCAN’s MPO Trunk Cable offers an ideal solution by providing high-speed, stable connections between wireless access points, routers, and switches. Its versatility and durability make it the perfect choice for building robust wireless infrastructures that can handle the demands of modern connectivity.


FTTH Deployments

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments are revolutionizing the way we experience internet services. By extending fiber optic connectivity directly to residential premises, FTTH enables lightning-fast internet speeds and enhanced reliability. Our MPO Trunk Cable contributes to the success of FTTH deployments by delivering seamless connectivity between distribution panels, optical network terminals (ONTs), and customer premises equipment (CPE). With flexible design and superior performance, this cable ensures that homes can enjoy the full benefits of high-speed internet without compromise.



In conclusion, when it comes to optimized connectivity and seamless data transmission, our MPO Trunk Cable is the go-to solution. With compliance with RoHS standards, optical testing for insertion loss, and options for OFNR and OFNP cables, we ensures a top-notch product. From data centers to wireless networks, FTTH deployments, and telecommunication applications, our MPO Trunk Cable delivers unmatched performance and reliability. Choose FIBERCAN to elevate your network infrastructure and experience enhanced connectivity like never before.