FIBERCAN offers the state-of-the-art FIBERCAN-MINI fiber optic distribution box. This mini outdoor enclosure is designed to provide seamless connectivity, protection, and easy access for drop cable connections. With high-quality ABS material construction and IP67 waterproof rating, FIBERCAN-MINI ensures reliable performance even in demanding outdoor environments. Let us explore how FIBERCAN-MINI can revolutionize your fiber optic connectivity needs.

Drop Cable Connection and Splicing

When it comes to drop cable connection and splicing, FIBERCAN-MINI excels. This compact distribution box is capable of accommodating 1 SC simplex adapter and 2 fast connector connections inside. Whether you need to establish a secure connection for residential or commercial applications, FIBERCAN-MINI provides a convenient and efficient solution. With user-friendly design, connecting and splicing drop cables has never been easier, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.


Waterproof and Durable Design

The FIBERCAN-MINI fiber optic distribution box is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Made from high-quality ABS material, this enclosure offers exceptional durability and longevity. The sealing gasket placed between the box cover and base ensures a waterproof application, safeguarding your valuable fiber optic connections from moisture and environmental factors. Rest assured that FIBERCAN-MINI will protect your network infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted performance in any weather condition.


Versatile Cable Management

With FIBERCAN-MINI, cable management becomes effortless. Featuring openings on both sides, this distribution box allows for easy lead in and lead out of 2*3mm FTTH drop cables or 3mm round cables. This versatile cable management capability simplifies the installation process and ensures organized routing of fiber optic cables. Say goodbye to complicated cable arrangements and enjoy a neat and tidy network setup, thanks to FIBERCAN-MINI’s efficient cable management system.



FIBERCAN-MINI fiber optic distribution box is an ideal choice for enhancing connectivity and protection in outdoor environments. With its user-friendly design, it simplifies drop cable connection and splicing, ensuring a seamless installation process. The high-quality ABS material construction and IP67 waterproof rating guarantee durability and reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, FIBERCAN-MINI’s versatile cable management system allows for easy lead in and lead out of various cable types.