With its clever design, our 4U H.D. 576-Core Optic Patch Panel offers excellent fiber access and administration within a 19″ (482.60 mm) frame. When you choose FIBERCAN as your provider, you can rely on our termination boxes to deliver effective fiber jumper or multi-fiber cable placement and routing, guaranteeing your network operates at peak efficiency.

Craft-Friendly Fiber Management for Seamless Connectivity

FIBERCAN’s termination boxes are intelligently designed with craft-friendly fiber management. Our 4U H.D. 576-Core Optic Patch Panel features radius-protected fiber management on both sides of the adapter plate, allowing for easy routing and deployment of fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables. This design ensures efficient and organized fiber connectivity, enabling faster installations and maintenance.


Versatility for Cross-Connect Environments

FIBERCAN’s termination box for fiber optic cable offers versatility for cross-connect environments. The 4U H.D. 576-Core Optic Patch Panel allows for routing and deploying fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables on both sides of the adapter plate. This feature provides flexibility for various network configurations and facilitates easy cross-connections. Our termination boxes are designed to adapt to your network needs, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.



FIBERCAN is your reliable source for termination boxes designed to meet the demands of fiber optic cable installations. With our 4U H.D. 576-Core Optic Patch Panel, you can expect craft-friendly fiber management, superior fiber access, and versatility for cross-connect environments. We prioritize performance, efficiency, and reliability in our products.