FIBERCAN is proud to offer the Top Hub Outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure. This enclosure is designed to meet international certifications and standards, providing a reliable and efficient solution for fiber optic cable termination. With its unique features and superior performance, our fiber optic enclosure has gained popularity among professionals in the field. Let’s explore the key features that make it an ideal choice for outdoor installations.

Various Installation Methods for Versatility

FIBERCAN’s fiber optic enclosure offers various installation methods, providing flexibility for different deployment scenarios. Whether it’s cross-arm hoop, aerial, underground, or wall-mounting installation, our enclosure can be easily connected, ensuring seamless integration into your network infrastructure. This versatility allows for efficient and convenient installation, meeting the specific needs of your outdoor fiber optic cable project.


Adjustable Splicing Trays for Organized Connectivity

To ensure organized connectivity, our fiber optic enclosure features adjustable splicing trays. These trays provide a secure and structured environment for storing connectors and fibers. The number of splicing trays can be adjusted according to the number of fibers, allowing for scalability and adaptability as your network grows. With FIBERCAN’s enclosure, you can achieve efficient cable management and streamline your fiber optic connections.


Safety, Reliability, and Durability

FIBERCAN’s outdoor fiber termination box prioritizes safety, reliability, and durability. Constructed with reinforced plastic, it offers high strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh outdoor environments. The enclosure’s mature structure, reliable sealing, and ease of construction make it a reliable choice for protection and connection. Additionally, it is designed to resist aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen, and microorganisms, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.



FIBERCAN takes pride in offering the Top Hub Outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure, a reliable and efficient solution for fiber optic cable termination. With various installation methods, adjustable splicing trays, and a focus on safety, reliability, and durability, our enclosure provides a superior solution for outdoor installations. Trust FIBERCAN to deliver high-quality fiber optic enclosures that meet international standards and certifications, ensuring seamless connectivity and protection for your fiber optic network. Choose FIBERCAN as your trusted provider and experience the reliability and performance that professionals in the industry trust.