Your reliable partner in effective fiber optic management is FIBERCAN. Our patch panel 24 port is cleverly made to simplify your connectivity requirements and offer excellent fiber access. Offering a variety of characteristics that improve performance and usability, FIBERCAN focuses on high-density and low-maintenance solutions.


Streamlined Fiber Management: Craft-Friendly Design for Easy Deployment

At FIBERCAN, we understand the importance of efficient fiber management. Our Patch Panel 24 Port features a high-density, low-maintenance fiber distribution panel that fits perfectly in a 19″ (482 mm) frame. With craft-friendly radius-protected fiber management, routing and deploying fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables becomes a breeze. The panel’s intelligent design ensures easy access and enables hassle-free cross-connect environments.


Versatility and Flexibility: Integration of Optical Components

FIBERCAN‘s Patch Panel 24 Port takes versatility to a new level. It integrates optical components into the identical cassette, allowing service providers to mix and match fiber modules with optical components in the same chassis. This flexibility enables efficient customization and scalability, empowering you to meet the specific needs of your network infrastructure. Whether it’s a single optical component or a combination, FIBERCAN’s patch panel offers a seamless solution.


Enhanced Protection and Compliance: IEC Performance and RoHS Compliance

At FIBERCAN, we prioritize the protection of your optical components. Our Patch Panel 24 Port features a secured front faceplate, reducing the chance of accidental damage to the optical component. We ensure that our products meet international standards, and our patch panel is no exception. It delivers performance according to IEC standards and complies with RoHS regulations, guaranteeing quality and environmental safety.



FIBERCAN’s Patch Panel 24 Port revolutionizes fiber optic connectivity with intelligent design and versatile features. Craft-friendly fiber management, integration of optical components, and enhanced protection highlight the excellence of our patch panel. With a focus on performance and compliance with international standards, FIBERCAN ensures that our products meet your connectivity needs while prioritizing quality and environmental safety.