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4-Core Armored Optical Cable, Anti-Rodent, Indoor/Outdoor

Inside is 0.6MM tight-buffered fiber *4, wrapping with flexible steel tube, Aramid yarn next, and outer jacket

-Jacket Material

  • Indoor: PVC, OFNP
  • Indoor & Outdoor: LSZH


Fiber Optic Cable Testing

In-Process Q.C.

ODTR Testing   




Testing Standard

100% Testing


     ●   High-strength yarn member

     ●   Flexible steel armored

     ●   Lightweight and small outer diameter

     ●   Flame-retardant

     ●   Soft and easy to strip

     ●   Anti-rat

     ●   Environment friendly 


     ●   Building-to-building connection.

     ●   Indoor soft cable along the wall ceiling, between layers and conduits.

     ●   Making pigtails and patch cords for communication equipment.

Outer diameter4.0mm4.0mm
Standard colorbluegrey
Cable weight22kg/km approx.
Operating temperature

PVC,OFNP: -20°C~+70°C;

LSZH,TPU,PE: -40°C~+80°C

Storage temperature-40°C~+80°C
Tensile strengthShort term600N
Long term300N
Compression resistant strength≥3000N/100MM
General attenuation1310nm≤0.4dB/km850nm≤3.0dB/km
Minimal Bending radius≥30D≥30D
Printing contentsOPTICAL CABLE SM(9/125) 4.0mm 4C XXXXMOPTICAL CABLE MM(62.5/125) 4.0mm 4CXXXXM

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