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Tactical Optical Cable, 7.0mm, 2-Core, Pullback Type, for Cpri

After wrapping 0.9mm Tight Buffers / loose buffer fibers with fillers and aramid yarns, this tactical cable is sheathed with LSZH, TPU, or PUR outside. 

All fiber patch cable connectors are 100% optically tested for insertion loss for nice quality.

FIBERCAN Fiber optic cable meets RoHS and UL compliant.


Fiber Optic Cable Testing

In-Process Q.C.

ODTR Testing   




Testing Standard

100% Testing


     ●   High-strength yarn member

     ●   Small outer diameter

     ●   Lightweight, soft and easy to strip

     ●   Flame-retardant

     ●   Loose tube

     ●   Environment friendly

Fiber Count246
Cable Diameter (mm)777.5
Tolerance Range (mm)±0.2, or customized
Cable Weight (kgs/km)303035


     ●   Building-to-building connection.

     ●   Indoor soft cable along the wall ceiling, between layers and in conduits.

     ●   Making pigtails and patch cords for communication equipment.


     ●   Complied with standard YD/T 1258.2, IEC 60794, ICEA-596, GR-409 etc.

Tensile (N)Long term500
Short term1500
Crush (N/100mm)Long term1000
Short term1500
Min. Bending radius (D=Cable diameter)Dynamic20xD
Temperature Range  (°C)-20~+70

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