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12-Core Unitube Fiber Optic Cable, Spiral Armoured, Anti-Rodent

The fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high-modulus plastic.

The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. Then it’s wrapped with a layer of corrugated steel tape longitudinally.

Between the corrugated steel tape and the loose tube is the water-blocking material, which keeps the cable compact and watertight longitudinally.

Two parallel steel wires are placed on the two sides of the steel tape.

Finally, the cable is completed with a PE sheath.


Fiber Optic Cable Testing

In-Process Q.C.

ODTR Testing   




Testing Standard

100% Testing


     ●   Good flame-retardant, mechanical and temperature performance.

     ●   Loose tube of hydrolysis resistance and high strength.

     ●   Special tube filling compound for critically protecting fiber.

     ●   Crush resistance.

     ●   Flexibility, Small diameter, Lightweight and friendly Installation.

     ●   Two parallel steel wires for tensile strength.


     ●   Making Patchcord and Pigtail

     ●   Indoor cable distribution for any purpose

     ●   Interconnect between instruments and communication equipment


     ●   Complied with RoHS

ModelFiber CountPBT Loose TubeCable Diameter (OD)Cable Weight Tensile StrengthCrush ResistanceBending Radius
Long/Short Term         Long/Short TermStatic /Dynamic

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