We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions without compromising reliability, especially when it comes to outdoor fiber optic cables. That’s why we offer our 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable at a competitive price. Designed with quality and affordability in mind, Fibercan’s cable ensures reliable and efficient outdoor connectivity. Let’s explore the key features of our 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable price, demonstrating its value for your networking needs.


Duplex Zipcord Design for Simplified Installation

Fibercan’s 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable features a duplex zipcord design, providing a simple and streamlined installation process. The cable utilizes ø900um or ø600um tight buffer fibers as the optical communication medium, ensuring efficient data transmission. With the figure 8 PVC or LSZH (Low smoke, Zero halogens, Flame-retardant) jacket, our cable offers enhanced protection against environmental factors, making it suitable for outdoor installations.


Aramid Yarn Strength Member for Robust Durability

We prioritize durability in our 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable. The cable is wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn, serving as strength member units. This robust construction provides excellent tensile strength and protects the fiber optic cores from external forces. With Fibercan’s cable, you can trust  its long-lasting performance, even in challenging outdoor environments.


Affordable Price without Compromising Reliability

At Fibercan, we believe that affordability should not come at the expense of reliability. Our 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable is priced competitively to meet your budgetary requirements while ensuring dependable connectivity. We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions, especially for outdoor networking projects, and our cable provides the ideal balance of affordability and reliability. Choose Fibercan for a budget-friendly yet dependable outdoor fiber optic cable solution.



Fibercan’s 4 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable price offers an affordable and reliable solution for your outdoor connectivity needs. With its duplex zipcord design, aramid yarn strength member, and competitive pricing, our cable provides simplified installation, robust durability, and cost-effective performance.