We understand the significance of data centers as the super brain or nerve center of human activities, encompassing various sectors such as telecommunications, energy, transportation, and more. To ensure the stability, reliability, and flexibility of your data center, including fiber optic cabling projects, Fibercan offers high-density patch panel solutions.

Simple, Practical, and Reliable Operation

At Fibercan, we prioritize simplicity, practicality, and reliability in our High Density Patch Panel solutions. We understand the importance of seamless data center operations, and our patch panels are designed to facilitate easy installation, maintenance, and management. With our user-friendly design, you can rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of your data center’s fiber optic cabling infrastructure, ensuring smooth data transmission and uninterrupted connectivity.


Sustainable Solution for Future Growing Demands

As the demand for higher transfer rates and storage capacity surges, it is crucial to have a data center that can adapt to future growing demands. Fibercan’s High-Density Patch Panel solutions provide a sustainable foundation for your data center’s performance. Our solutions are designed to accommodate scalability, allowing for seamless expansion and upgrades as your business needs evolve. With Fibercan, you can future-proof your data center and ensure its efficiency and effectiveness in the long run.


Seamless Turnkey Solution for Data Center Success

We understand that the success of your data center project is paramount. That’s why Fibercan offers a seamless turnkey solution for your data center’s cabling needs. Our High-Density Patch Panel, suitable for GPX18-F fiber optic patch panels, ensures compatibility and integration with your existing infrastructure. With Fibercan’s expertise and comprehensive solution, you can trust us to deliver the best guarantee for the success of your data center project.



Fibercan’s High-Density Patch Panel solutions simplify and optimize your data center operations. With our focus on simple, practical, and reliable operation, sustainable scalability, and a seamless turnkey solution, we ensure that your data center is ready to meet current and future demands.