Welcome to Fibercan, your trusted provider of fiber optic solutions. We are proud to introduce our Outdoor Fiber Termination Box, designed to offer high-density and reliable fiber distribution for outdoor applications. Whether you need it for telecommunications, data centers, or other outdoor environments, our termination box ensures efficient fiber management and seamless connectivity. Let’s explore the key features of Fibercan’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box, showcasing its versatility and performance for your outdoor networking needs.


High-Density Fiber Distribution for Optimal Efficiency

Fibercan’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box features a high-density design, allowing for optimal efficiency in fiber distribution. The box is intelligently designed to provide superior fiber access, enabling easy routing and deployment of fiber jumpers or multi-fiber cables. With craft-friendly radius-protected fiber management on both sides of the adapter plate, our termination box ensures neat and organized fiber connectivity in cross-connect environments. Trust Fibercan to maximize your fiber distribution efficiency with our high-density termination box.


Integration of Optical Components for Flexibility

We understand the importance of flexibility in fiber optic infrastructure. That’s why our Outdoor Fiber Termination Box integrates optical components into the identical cassette, allowing service providers to mix and match fiber modules with optical components in the same chassis. This flexibility enables customized configurations and easy scalability, ensuring that your outdoor network infrastructure can adapt to evolving needs. With Fibercan’s termination box, you have the freedom to optimize your fiber distribution according to your specific requirements.


Enhanced Protection for Long-Term Reliability

Durability and long-term reliability are paramount in outdoor environments. Fibercan’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box is designed with enhanced protection features to ensure the longevity of your fiber connections. The front faceplate is securely attached, reducing the chance of accidental damage to the optical components. This robust construction safeguards your fiber infrastructure against harsh weather conditions, moisture, and physical impacts, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in outdoor installations.



Fibercan’s Outdoor Fiber Termination Box offers high-density fiber distribution, integration of optical components, and enhanced protection for reliable outdoor connectivity. With its craft-friendly design, flexibility in configuration, and durable construction, our termination box is suitable for telecommunications, data centers, and other outdoor environments.